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Q: How does the Forskin Natural Restorer work?

Forskin Natural Restorer consists of a stainless steel bell that fits over the glans or head of the penis. A stainless tube with a steel slider screws into the bell. The steel slider has a small thumb screw which can be tightened or loosened. The objective is to pull the remaining penile skin over the steel bell and onto the slider. At this point, medical tape is gently wrapped around the skin and the steel slider. Taping skin to the slider prevents the device from disconnecting from the developing foreskin. After the skin is secured to the slider you may loosen the thumbscrew and move the slider along the tube until the desired tension is reached. If you have very little loose skin you may choose not to use any tension at first. The device is hollow, which allows for urination without removing the tape. Until you become familiar with the device, care must be exercised so that too much tension is not applied. If too much tension is applied you will notice a burning sensation and the thumbscrew must be loosened and the slider repositioned, which takes about 4 or 5 seconds.

Q: Is there any pain involved?

No. If done properly, there should be no pain. If there is any, however, it is because you have applied too much tension. The degree of pain will vary with the individual as some men have more skin to work with than others. However, if the stretching becomes too painful, decrease the tension. For those with little skin to begin with, do not apply any tension at the start of your restoration program. Once stretching begins, the pain will lessen so long as tension is kept at a constant with tightening done according to how your progress is going. If you feel as if you need more tension, apply more but keep the pain at a minimum. Stretching the foreskin is a process and cannot be done in a short period of time. An increase in tension will only hurt you.

Q: Does restoring the foreskin make sex any better?

Yes. Restoring your foreskin will make sex better. The foreskin is the most erogenous part on a man's body. Uncircumcised men feel more sensitivity at the head of the penis because their nerves are kept fresh and protected in a warm and moist environment. They also report having more comfortable erections because of the extra shaft skin that is built when the foreskin retracts. The foreskin also massages the penis head and shaft during intercourse, making sex much more enjoyable.

Q: How long does restoration take with the Forskin Natural Restorer?

Unless you are extremely dedicated you should expect to spend about half a year to 2 years. There have been reports of quicker restorations, however, it is very important that you be completely honest with yourself concerning the process and beware of misinformation or advertisements that make incredible claims. You must keep in mind that you are developing several square inches of tissue. If you desire "overhang" then even more time may be required. It is up to the individual to monitor the results and stick with the process. Much of the success depends on the user.

Q: If I restore my foreskin will it be exactly like an uncircumcised penis?

Circumcision permanently alters the penis by removing specialized nerve receptors, certain glands, and the sensitive frenulum and frenar band. This damage can not be reversed. However the penis can be restored to about 80 or even 90% of its original state. Aesthetically speaking, the penis can be restored to the point that it will look almost as if circumcision never took place. Evidence of circumcision can only be detected with a thorough examination of a retracted foreskin. Your new foreskin will be almost identical in appearance and nobody would be able to tell the difference.

Q: Does age matter?

Yes. You should not restore your foreskin until you are fully developed. Older men also have a longer journey to restoration than younger men whose skin grows faster. However, the results for older men will be the same.

Q: What kind of tape should I use?

Any kind of surgical or similar tape will work fine. One concern might be allergic reactions due to the material of certain tape. Make sure that you don't experience any reactions to the tape before using it. We recommend 3M NexCare (Advanced Holding Power - Soft Cloth Premium Tape.)

Q: Is foreskin restoration a lifetime process?

Absolutely not. One of the most important factors in foreskin restoration is setting a specific goal. Before you begin your restoration program you should have a clear goal in mind and then proceed in a disciplined fashion. It is also very important that the circumcised male fully acquaint himself with the anatomy of the natural or uncircumcised penis so that he may clearly understand his objective. Once optimal coverage has been achieved, you can stop the restoration process.

Q: Is there anything else that may help me with my program?

Yes. It is strongly suggested that you augment your program with manual stretching. 10 to 15 minutes per day will help greatly. A few minutes of manual stretching before using the Forskin Natural Restorer will give you excellent results. Running the Restorer under warm water before using helps to reduce friction and lessen the pain involved.

Q: Will my doctor help me with my restoration program?

Some doctors are more receptive to the idea of foreskin restoration than others. There are doctors that will help you, especially if you desire touch up surgery in the latter stages of your restoration program.

Q: Is foreskin restoration using the Forskin Natural Restorer safe?

Foreskin restoration using the Forskin Natural Restorer is safe. If you have any disease or condition that affects circulation you may want to consult a physician before starting a restoration program. The Forskin Natural Restorer is not a toy and should be used only by responsible individuals who are eager to begin a new life through foreskin restoration.

Q: Does the Forskin Natural Restorer show through clothing?

Unless the clothing is tight then there should be no problem. The Forskin Natural Restorer conceals well under denim jeans or pleated dress slacks. It conceals best if briefs are worn and the tube of the Forskin Natural Restorer is placed between the elastic cuff of the brief and the leg. Always remember that the Forskin Natural Restorer is made of steel and that metal detectors will detect the device, therefore, it is not advisable to wear the device in any environment where metal detectors are in use such as airports, etc. The Forskin Natural Restorer should never be used while working on electrical equipment or while engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Q: What results can I expect when beginning my program?

While the initial response will vary depending on each person's genetic make up, the amount of available skin for stretching, and other factors like age and following the program consistently, you should expect to see a steady improvement. Once the skin begins to have rollover and cover the corona, you will realize that the Forskin Natural Restorer has done its job and will continue to do so until you are fully covered.

Q: Do I have to take the Forskin Natural Restorer off when I urinate?

Absolutely not. The Forskin Natural Restorer is hollow, allowing the urine to flow. However, some men report that, after urinating while using the Forskin Natural Restorer, the urine would back up and overflow. Should this become a problem, create an air bubble to allow the urine to flow freely by making sure that the tip of your penis is not pressed too firmly against the inside of the bell. As your program begins to work and the bell doesn't need to be pressed up as firmly against the glans to create skin for stretching, urine overflow should cease.

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Note: Foreskin Natural Restorer is the only medically designed exerciser offering a convenient approach to restore foreskin. As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner for specific suggestions.