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I alternate tugging between the R2K (tension) and the ACRD/PUD
(Gravity) and have been doing so for the year I've been restoring. I am now about 50% covered when flaccid, and the skin shedding (dekeratinization) has started.

While $130 is a lot of money, I found it to be worth it. I am happy with the unit. What I like about Foreskin Natural Restorer (R2K) are as follow:

(1) The pee-thru function. If you go to potty as often as I do, you will appreciate that.
(2) The steel construction that makes it easy to clean. Boil the unit for ten minutes occasionally and you'll be fine.
(3) Despite its apparent size, it is easily concealed. (Great for those rare days when
I don't want the "Mr. Goldenrod" appearance that comes with the ACRD/PUD)

I will offer one word of caution about the R2K. Tightly cut newbie might have difficult time using the device at the first few attempts. It is recommended that you manual stretch the foreskin for the first 2 weeks. It requires enough skin to be able to reach comfortably up onto the slider, or messy problems with overflow of urine and leakage will result.

Keep on tugging

Name: Rick Date: 02-15-2003
I too think R2K is a good product and have good results with it. But there is no way I would have been able to use it until recently. I ordered mine after several weeks of tugging a tight circ job.

Name: Anonymous Date: 01-24-2003
I brought R2K half a year ago to restore my foreskin.
I am quite impressed with the equipment and my result.
I do think dedication is a major issue involved. If you spent time on it, it's going to be a "big" return for you.

Hard work pays off,

Name: Dave Date: 12-07-2002
For any of you considering circumcision, don’t, it DOES lessen sensation. If you have been circumcised, let me tell you how it was done, when you were (most likely) only 2 or 3 days old, you were strapped down to a plastic board, (circumstantial) your hands and legs tied down with Velcro strips. Then the doctor, (most likely with out anesthetic,) forcibly pulled back your foreskin, (which hurt since the foreskin was not meant to retract till your teens or beyond) pulled it forward (which hurt). Next the doctor put some sort of clamp on the foreskin and, SQEEZED the skin with the clamp (imaging putting a string around your finger and pulling it very painfully tight painfully tight). At this point you probably stopped crying and struggling and passed out. Then the "doctor" cut off the skin (which really hurt. That skin by the way contained thousand of nerves, some of them specialized that WOULD HAVE given you sensations that you CAN NOT have if you are circumcised. 2nd, the skin on the head of the penis DID become calloused, (like your hands or feet) because it was and is being rubbed up against underwear, ect - this intern causes you to further loose sensation.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE - if this was done to a girl it would have been
ILLIGAL but because you are a boy it is not. This is the simple truth,
Circumcision is cruel, painful, and unethical. 90% of intact men have NO problem with it. If you are lucky enough, to have a foreskin do not get it amputated. A foreskin is natural and normal. If you want to restore you foreskin, do it right with Foreskin Restorer.

Name: Active Member of NORM Date: 11-18-2002
I am one of the (very successful) "old men of restoring" and have tried them all including R2K. This is the ONLY purchased device I recommend. BTW, many fellows at NORM have own this device too.

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